A wondered situation for any developer is when s/he is looking for a piece of code and s/he not able to find it out. Other nutty side, when a developer build up a program in the past and now wants the same for his/her current and/or upcoming use and not able to find it out.

The situations above is the story of one-to-many or all the developers around the world. It is nothing BUT actually a waste of time when one looking for the code by taking out time from his/her regular routine work. Sounds devastating, RIGHT? But this is for what exactly we bring up this WordPress snippets online repository – CODE AND ME – where you can find snippets very easily.

CODE AND ME is a project of G2One Network (An Internet Media Company) and is designed to make WordPress source codes available easier. We have modelled a community around and even made it much easier for one to find, share, comment on and even rate the code snippets. CODE AND ME works as an amazingly awesome tool for all those who have been looking for codes for one-to-many times.

Moreover, the repository comes as a handy tool for you to print, share and even to send a code snippet to a friend or co-worker BUT don’t have any actual means to do so. Best of all, with CODE AND ME, we have tried to bring up an established community by which one can have an access to each others’ code library.

Can I Submit Mine Snippet?

Yes, you can, just simply fill up the submission contact form, which can be found here by answering all the questions and within a week’s time (seven working days), we will make it live.

Resources/Tools/Service Recommendation

Are you a software company or a development company or a company who is offering coding-related resources/tools/service? If yes, then we have got here a right place for you. On detailing over how you can do this, please check the following page containing all required details.

For Any Questions, Suggestions Or Comments

Contact us with any questions, suggestions, or comments.


Note – All snippets we shared in the website is copyright to its respectful owner. CodeAndMe.net does not claim credit nor responsibility for any snippets featured on this site unless otherwise noted.